They say that two heads are better than one, and we agree. Taure' France Design Studio is the always evolving, artistic fusion of two beautiful minds channeling our dreams and visions into our design and consulting services.

     Our purpose is to show everybody that your dreams can come true if only you step outside of the box and chase them by any means necessary.

We have so much to offer and even more on the way. 

Take some time and enjoy the entire site. We look forward to your support as we follow our dreams and make them a reality.

Love You, Mean It!

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Some would say our love story is a fairy tale or too good to be true... We'd say, we're just ordinary people who rose in love. We're Ta'Shobe Taure' and Preston France Kindred-Williams. Ta'Shobe is the visionary of "Mona Lisa's Hair Design Studio." He is a Master Stylist with over 10 years of experience, specializing in all hair textures including natural hair care, cuts, color, locs and extensions. Preston is the mind behind "Kindred," A creative platform for Preston to brand and explore all of his wildest dreams, thoughts, and passions while continuing to nourish his Dreams. After almost a year of chatting off and on, We started dating. Then we realized we could be business Partners, and then Fiancés, and now Husbands.

We are the minds behind Taure' France Design Studio.