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You've Said, "Yes!"

You're About To Graduate!

You're About To Celebrate A Big Milestone

But Now You Need Invitations and other One of A Kind Stationery!

Let BLUElephant Take Care Of That For You

Consider Us Your Special Event Stationery Fairy Godzaddy

Step 1. 

First step begins with the consultation process. To ensure that we make the best use of our time, we encourage clients to collect inspiration for the project at hand. Then we set up the initial consult in-person or over the phone. Our initial consultations are $100 for the first hour and $80 each additional hour. The initial consultation fee serves as the deposit. We establish the client's vision and help lay the groundwork to bring it to life. Once step 1 is complete, it's now time to start creating.

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Step 3. 

The final step is the Showtime Process. At this point, we are applying the finishing touches; checking for spelling, grammar, and other details. We then strategize to finish the project we worked so hard for and plan to release it to the world.

For more information about BLUElephant please email us directly:

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Step 2. 

Second step begins with the Design process. At this point, we have assessed the needs of the client and suggested what services will get the client where they want to be. Once we've discovered the client's needs, we can propose a plan of action which may include some of the products we offer:

  • Invitations

  • Event Logos

  • Save The Dates

  • Event Websites

  • and MORE

The client then chooses the services they'd like and submit it for invoicing. Then the client submits certain information and tools provided so we can bring their dreams and visions to life. We continue to collaborate until we have a product we are both proud of.

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Abstract Structure


Event Websites: $100 Deposit, $50 Hourly  

Publications: $100 Deposit, $60 Hourly

Event Logos: $175 & up

Flyers/Digital Designs: $70 & up

Invitations/Save The Dates: $70 & UP

Place Cards: $70 & Up


If you book Any Of Our Services Within The First 24 Hours of Your Initial Consultation, Your Graphic Design Pricing Is 50% Off.

This Does Not Apply To Hourly Services or Additional Consultation Hours.

Terms & Conditions

The initial consultation fee/Deposit is Non-Refundable. Corrections and edits start at $20.00, and copies of the master file are never distributed to the client. After the initial deposit is received, the client has two weeks to work with the designer and complete the design. After the client has approved of the design, the client has a maximum of two weeks to pay for the merchandise. If the balance is not paid in two weeks, the client will have to pay 25% of the original total in addition to the balance.

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Kingfinity Customs Pricing

Shop Setup: $40 Hourly  

Designs For Selling Purposes: $70 & up

Design Installation: $30

Kingfinity Custom Design: $30 & UP