Diamond Elephant


Diamond Elephant Event Planning Studio is taking your event and wedding planning needs to the next level with a Diamond Standard.

Both Preston and Ta'Shobe have an attention to detail that they believed would translate over to event planning. It wasn't until Preston and Ta'Shobe began to plan their own wedding that Preston's dream of being an event planner seemed like it should be more of a reality. As the big day got closer, the two visionary minds behind Taure' France decided to expand over to the world of event and wedding planning. As Preston and Ta'Shobe begin to build Diamond Elephant, they are taking on new clients and building from the ground up. 

How Many Event Planners Offer Hair Design Packages and Graphic Design Packages as part of their packages? We'd assume that there aren't many. We'll let you in on a secret... It's not the only perks Diamond Elephant offers.


For more information about Diamond Elephant Event Planning Studio Pricing, or just a consultation, please email us directly: TaureFrance@outlook.com