More Than Just A Clothing Brand

A Lifestyle Brand Fit For Black Royalty By Black Royalty!

As A Brand, We Stand Firmly Against Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, and All Hate!

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Year One

When we created Kingfinity, we wanted to be a Clothing Brand that filled the void of the lack of uplifting and pro-black LGBTQ+ apparel. As we continued throughout our first year, we established that we have become "More Than A Clothing Brand." We don't just put Black Lives Matter on our clothing, we walk that walk with the small platform we have created. We amplify just as much as we create, and it has been such a beautiful thing to experience. As we continue through Year Two, we look forward to opportunities of growth and expansion.



      During the process of planning our wedding, we noticed that there weren't many clothing platforms that were Gay Positive AND Pro Black. Lots of Pro Black and Melanin Filled Brands, and a few Gay Positive Brands, but no Black AND Gay Brands that promote our love as well as our Black Pride.

      Soooooo, we decided to step out there and create that platform. We got the name Kingfinity from several themes of our wedding including "A Tale Of Two Kings" and The Infinity Symbol/Word that was consistently used throughout the weekend and also featured in our vows.

      When you check out the site, you get to choose the design that speaks to you and then choose from several different clothing items and accessories to help you swag out.

We hope you enjoy!




What's New

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Help Taure' France Design Studio Welcome Darlene Kindred and Her New Apparel and Accessories Brand, Deedazzled inspirations To The Kingfinity Family.


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