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The Kingfinity Pride Flag Is More Than Just Another A Pride Flag, It's Inclusion, Representation, Strength, and Love For Diversity.

- Ta'Shobe & Preston Kindred-Williams
The Kingfinity Pride Flag is on its way to your home. Presale is Available NOW! 

Kingfinity Pride Flag

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      We wanted to add to the inclusive flags that came before the Kingfinity Pride Flag to create a flag that not only included our Trans Brothers and Sisters, but placed the Pride Flag and Transgender Flag Side by Side to know we are all in this together. We then added Black and Brown Stripes to the top and bottom of the flag to represent our Black and Brown GLBTQ+ Community. Black and Brown Bodies Helped Lead this Movement, and Black and Brown Bodies Will Help Lead Us Into The Future.


      Kingfinity was created by two Black Gay Kings that wanted to feel seen and represented. So, much like the creators, Kingfinity will always live at the intersection of Black and Gay. We stand firmly against all hate and are just as proud of our Gayness as we are about our Blackness.

This year (2020) for Black History Month, Kingfinity partnered with Diamond Elephant Special Event Stationeries by Finally Pres to create a flag that builds on the idea of Philadelphia's People of Color Inclusive Flag (Philly Pride Flag). In 2018, Daniel Quasar  responded to the Philly Pride Flag with the "Progress" Pride Flag to include the colors of the Transgender Flag.

Columbus Pride Flag

      In honor of the birthplace of Kingfinity, P and Shobe also created an alternate version of the Kingfinity Pride Flag honoring the state of Ohio. Kingfinity found a great home for our Columbus Pride Flag and we can't wait to announce it to all of you. Columbus, Ohio is the birthplace of our love and our dreams.

Introducing The Columbus Pride Flag:

Columbus Pride Flag.jpg

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Kingfinity decided to step out of the box to further promote the release of the "Kingfinity Pride Flag" while also giving back to the LGBTQ+ youth here in Columbus, Ohio. The calendar remains true to the Inclusion, Representation, Strength, and Love For Diversity the "Kingfinity Pride Flag" represents. Presale has ended, but the release will be announced soon.